Episode 12 Discussion with Vincent Racaniello of This Week in Virology podcast

Can any topic be turned into a podcast – and succeed? Probably.  Because it isn’t just about the topic – it’s also about the talent and production of the podcast.

Vincent Racaniello is a professor at Columbia University as well as the creator and host of the podcast  “This Week in Virology.

If you think that sounds too niche-y or academic, he also has a podcast on parasite and one on microbiology! Those are topics that would be very easy to make boring – or appeal only to academic types. But those people do not make up the majority of Vincent’s audience.

The podcasts are actually quite entertaining and easy to listen to. What Vincent has is a passion for his topic and a desire to really create a great podcast. And having done over 350 episodes, he has gotten quite good at it.

I think you will enjoy hearing his story on this week’s Perfect Your Podcast podcast.

You can find Vincent’s podcast on his website: www.twiv.tv or:

on iTunes at : https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/this-week-in-virology-vincent/id300973784?mt=2



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