Does Your Podcast Need A Makeover?

Shortcut Your Success: Get Personalized Support To Make Your Podcast Grow

After years of specializing in the creation of an award-winning audio, I can break down all the elements of your podcast and help you rebuild it into an interesting, audience grabbing and engaging podcast that can actually make you money.

In the podcast makeover we will:

  • Help you get clear on the purpose and goal of your podcast. Then outline the strategies and tactics to achieve those goals.
  • Voice training. I can make virtually any voice sound better by giving you some simple tools and coaching you on proper microphone technique.
  • Thoroughly go through your “audio chain” to make sure your podcast sounds technically perfect using the equipment you have – and/or make upgrade suggestions.
  • Create your professional podcast opening template that will grab listeners from the very first moments of your podcast.
  • Improve the pace and momentum of your podcast, if necessary, to keep it interesting and exciting.
  • Figure out what is NOT working and either fix it or eliminate it.
  • How to come up with interesting topics to talk about.
  • Where to find interesting guests for your podcast.
  • How to conduct a podcast interview that will get the most fascinating answers.
  • How to salvage dull interviews – and when to know an interview is hopeless and trash it.
  • Editing. When you understand my simple editing formula, you will be able to make your podcast more interesting and compelling in just a few minutes.
  • Address any other concerns you have.

Essentially we will take down your podcast down to the bare bones and re-create it so that it is as interesting and fascinating as possible – yet is still compatible with your unique personality and style. The consultation takes place via Skype or phone and is divided into at least 3 sessions over a few weeks. The Podcast Makeover package pricing varies depending on number of total sessions with a satisfaction guarantee.

Contact to ask about the Podcast Makeover and begin building your audience now.

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