Podcast SOS Session

Is there something about your podcast you wish you could change?

Maybe you podcast is okay – but it’s  just okay and you really want it to be better. Are there some technical issues you need help with? Or perhaps you want to improve your interviewing or production skills. Maybe you simply want to make your podcast more interesting, attract a bigger audience or know where to find better guests.

If so, then my 1-on-1 “PODCAST SOS” training is perfect for you.

This is a one-time, 90-minute, deep dive session where we get right down to exactly what you need. There is no pre-planned agenda. This is a totally “client driven” session where you determine what is most important and we roll up our sleeves and make it work.

And we won’t spend YOUR time finding out what you need. I’ll know (because you’ll tell me in advance), so we hit the ground running and resolve whatever issues you’re concerned about.

Plus, in addition to the 90-minute phone or Skype session you also get:

  • An mp3 of the session for you to refer back to.
  • A 15 minute, follow-up call within 30 days of our initial session to finalize any issues.

Get the answers you need in your deep dive “Podcast SOS” session for $197.

You’ve got nothing to lose: if you don’t feel like you get any value or direction after your session, I’ll refund your investment in full.
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