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Want to Launch a Podcast That Grows From the Start?

Anyone can start a podcast. In fact, thousands of people do. But most of them fail. Why?

It’s because people start podcasts without learning, understanding and executing the successful strategies required to launch a winning podcast. It’s more than having the right equipment or a catchy voice.

Avoid investing money and months into something no one wants to listen to.

Hi, I’m Mike Carruthers.  I’ve been in radio for over two decades, and I help people develop and launch podcasts.

I have a top-rated podcast called “Something You Should Know.” 6 months after launching, it continues to be ranked in the Top 100 overall in iTunes and in the Top 20 in the category of “Society & Culture.” (That’s out of about 60,000 active podcasts listed on iTunes!)

But…it TOOK me a year to figure out how to launch & make a podcast. Which I didn’t expect, since I’d been in radio for two decades.

Why was podcasting such a challenge?

How can you launch YOUR podcast and be successful with it?


Prior to launching the podcast, I spent over a year learning trying, testing, failing and trying again until I got it right.

How’d I finally “get it”?

I got help from others who had done what I wanted to do: launched a successful podcast.

You see, podcasting isn’t just about having good equipment, or a great voice, a clever idea or a solid reputation. It’s a unique medium that requires a strategy, marketing, engaging content and an understanding of your particular audience.

One thing I learned in the process is that it’s silly to try to launch a successful podcast all by yourself.

It can waste valuable time and money as you figure out all the components, test things and practice. You need help and support to develop your style, find the most effective marketing strategy, buy the right equipment and consistently put out great content.

Getting guidance and support saves you weeks and months of effort. It helps you avoid a launch that gets a dismal response.

Get expert guidance to do it right from the beginning.

Introducing the Perfect Your Podcast


This all-inclusive program will support you through the entire podcasting process. You’ll avoid the mistakes I made so you can avoid the wasted expense, frustration and disappointment I went through.

This is an online training program with 9 Modules, giving you step-by-step training through the entire process. From naming to editing to software and promotion, you’ll get the answers.

You’ll achieve success quicker and at less cost.

You can go step by step or as fast as you need. You can use the program to train your team.

You can launch a podcast that can grow your profits (instead of draining your resources).

Who is this training for?

1. Any beginning podcaster who wants a direct, easy-to-understand path to launching and growing a successful podcast.

2. Any existing podcaster who feels they are not achieving the results they should. There are a lot of really great – but underperforming – podcasts that just need the right strategies and support to find success.

What does the PYP Platinum Training Program cover?

The foundation of the training program is 9 Module, step-by-step training consisting of 9 modules, each with 7-8 video tutorials. The modules are:

Module 1:  Introduction
Module 2:  Starting the Podcast Process &What to Podcast About
Module 3: Podcast Equipment
Module 4: Using Audio to Connect with Your Audience
Module 5: What You Say & How You Say It
Module 6: The Technical Process  & Workflow
Module 7: Creating a Website for Your Podcast
Module 8: Growing & Maintaining Your Audience
Module 9: Monetizing Your Podcast

In addition to each video, you also get a transcript and mp3 audio of the video so you can consume the information in whatever way is easiest for you.


But you don’t have to just sit there and watch videos…

I have worksheets, a community space and other exercises that help you really “get your head in the game” and start creating great audio.

1. Get access to a private, members-only, Facebook page where you can meet and network with other motivated podcasters. It is a forum to post questions, share ideas, develop relationships and feel part of a great community that will support you on your podcast journey.

2. Join live, monthly online webinars (hosted by me) where you can ask questions, share experiences and offer suggestions and help to other podcasters. (These webinars are archived and always accessible if you can’t attend live).

3. Get a focus on content: I have worked in the audio medium my entire career, and I know that simply having an idea for a podcast is only the beginning. I am passionate about helping people create podcasts that are interesting, engaging and use the audio medium. There is a ton of research on how to engage a listening audience…but this is the only podcast training program that actually teaches it.

Plus, take advantage of the program bonuses to help you even more…

The Platinum Training Program

  • A private one-on-one phone consultation with me. In this call we dive deep so you get started on the right path immediately and address what is most important to you.
  • 3 royalty-free music beds. I want you to have the tools you need to start creating audio quickly. These music beds I had created will help give your podcasts a professional touch and give you a better feel for the medium right away.
  • 3 royalty-free audio sweepers (transitions). These professional musical “bridges” give your podcast even more polish and allow you to experiment with using different sounds to punctuate your program. In a podcast – sound is all you’ve got and I want you to make the most of it.
  • 75 “Interesting Facts Stories & Conversation Starters.” Sometimes starting a podcast is the hardest part. These 75 items will help kick start your thinking and help you connect your topic to the real world. (I discuss more how to use these in the training). You will love this more than I can explain!
  • A critique of your podcast by me. Once you get a real episode finished, I will give my assessment and make suggestions to make it even better.

For a limited time, I am offering VIP memberships at no additional cost. This means you get:

  • An additional private one-on-one phone consultation with me.
  • 3 additional royalty-free music beds.
  • 3 additional royalty-free audio sweepers.
  • 75 more “Interesting Facts Stories & Conversation Starters.”

So, what does the Platinum Training Program cost?

Other podcast training sites charge $2,000 or more and don’t give you the one-on-one attention you will receive here…and they charge recurring fees. (There are also podcast consultants who charge by the hour, which could easily add up to thousands of dollars.)

If you join now, you can become a lifetime VIP member of the PYP Platinum Training Program for only $597.

The Platinum Training Program Satisfaction Guarantee

The program includes a full 30-day money back guarantee: 100% of your money back if you don’t feel like the program offers value. No questions asked.

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