The Perfect Podcast Starter Package

(Plus a Bonus….)

If you are starting a podcast, of course you want to do it correctly – right?  You will never be more enthusiastic or motivated about your podcast than you are right now. Let me help you structure your podcast workflow, recording and production so you launch a compelling podcast that accomplishes your goals, is easy to produce and attracts a BIG audience.

In this package you get 3, one-hour, 1-on-1 sessions with me on the phone or Skype. We will:

    • Plan and format your podcast. We will cover everything involved in setting up your podcast: From equipment you’ll need (and don’t need), the goals you want to achieve, ways to grow your audience, program length – everything. We will cover every question and concern you have.
    • We will work on your voice and delivery. Remember in a podcast, you ARE your voice. That’s all a listener has to go on. We will get your voice sounding great…plus you’ll learn a few “tricks of the trade” so you can use your voice more effectively.
    • You will master some simple production techniques that will give your podcast that professional polish.
    • If you need guests, I’ll show you where and how to find them. And I’ll give you some techniques to get the very best info out your guests. We’ll do some practice interviews (you interview me) so you get comfortable with the interview process.

Plus, as a bonus…

I’ll produce 2 different intros for your podcast (my voice and music).  So your podcast episodes will have a professional opening.

All of this for $397 with my 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose.

You’ve got nothing to lose: if you don’t feel like you get any value or direction after your first session, I’ll refund your investment in full.
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