Episode 027 Conversation with Joshua of The Minimalists Podcast

Minimalism. It’s the philosophy of doing with less – only what you need. It all sounds virtuous but how many people are really in to minimalism? Well, it turns out – A LOT!

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus lead the minimalist lifestyle and talk about it on their website www.theMinimalists.com, as well as in their books and their documentary movie. And they have a huge following.

So in January of 2016 they launched a weekly podcast that quickly became popular.

They don’t take advertising on their podcast and vow they never will. So you have to wonder – why? If they already have a large following and are easy to find on the Internet, why add the chore of cranking out a weekly podcast when there is no obvious return on the investment?

That is what I discuss in this episode with Joshua Fields Millburn. Also Joshua talks about the workflow of getting a podcast recorded and out the door – and reveals how and why many of the episodes they record are never heard by anyone – and instead get trashed.

I think you’ll enjoy this conversation with Joshua and find it very enlightening.

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