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Podcasting has become one of the #1 ways to gain exposure and build credibility online. It’s inexpensive and accessible…but how do you start one AND make it successful?

20-year radio and podcast veteran Mike Carruthers, host of Something You Should Know, has entertained audiences with over 8,000 shows.

He can guide you on how to start a podcast and grow your audience.

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I want to start a podcast.

What could be simpler than recording yourself speaking and getting hundreds (or thousands) of people to hear you on a regular basis? Where do you start?
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I want to improve my podcast.

Everything set up and working…but not building the audience like you thought you would? You’re in the right place, we can help you figure out why.
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Sounds great, but can you
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We help entrepreneurs (like you) 10x their audiences and subsequent sales funnels by utilitizing the power of podcasting.

Our emphasis is on the strategy and tactics that will attract, maintain and grow your audience – because ultimately, that is the purpose of any podcast.

Here are four things you can implement in your podcast right now – and you likely won’t hear anywhere else:


1. Improve Your Voice: Your voice is everything in your podcast and you are probably not making it sound as good as it could. Think about it… in a podcast, your voice is all people have to form an impression of you… Keep reading >

2. Podcasting is NOT radio. A podcast is not the same as a radio show and shouldn’t be produced like one. Yes, podcasting and radio are both forms of audio content, but they are consumed by the listener is very different ways… Keep reading >

3. Get a Microphone Processer. As you will discover on this site, I believe there needs to be more emphasis on podcast content quality and less emphasis on equipment and tech. But one piece of gear I think is well worth getting (and seldom talked about) is a good microphone processor/compressor. It will make your voice sound so much better… Keep reading >

4. Prep your guests ahead of time. As a podcaster, you will do interviews with people who are terrible guests. They don’t really understand what the role of a guest is – which is to share information and make you, the host, look good… Keep reading >

Podcast started but not getting off the ground? Get one-on-one support.

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